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我们很荣幸地被选入2017 The Negotiator 奖“年度新兴经纪公司”的决选名单!这是一个在住宅物业的产业中,最具公信力和受欢迎的奖项。

这里,我大概摘录了申请文件的内容,介绍我自己如何创建 Marybow 物业经纪公司的故事:







我希望能做些什么来贡献东伦敦- 我一直以来居住的社区。因此,在2014年十月,我踏出了第一步并且创立了自己独立的房屋仲介公司 – Marybow 物业经纪公司。

今天有什么我们可以帮忙你的吗?请拨 0203 588 5115 ,或者请点选 Contact us 与我们联系。

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Why take up management service?

When I was asked this question recently, I was a little taken aback.  Surely, you don’t want the responsibility of being always on-call? Roughly, 93% of 1.75 million landlords in the UK own just a single rental property. So it’s …

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Marybow Loves Bow

On Valentine’s Day, we announced that we will soon be sharing with you our community love for Bow, E3 in East London.

We are excited to share with you that we are now one of the supporters of The Bow

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How to Banish Condensation

Droplets accumulating on your inside windows? Every property seems to suffer from this during the winter months. Condensation is widely misunderstood as a defect of the property. This blog explores how to banish condensation for good and bust some myths.…

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What is the Minimum Landlord Obligation?

minimum landlord requirementWe get asked this a lot from non-clients. But in a way that’s exasperated, so landlords must be either tired of paying for something that’s ‘nice to have’ or just plain want the low-down.

We are happy to help and …

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