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How to Banish Condensation

Droplets accumulating on your inside windows? Every property seems to suffer from this during the winter months. Condensation is widely misunderstood as a defect of the property. This blog explores how to banish condensation for good and bust some myths.…

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What is the Minimum Landlord Obligation?

minimum landlord requirementWe get asked this a lot from non-clients. But in a way that’s exasperated, so landlords must be either tired of paying for something that’s ‘nice to have’ or just plain want the low-down.

We are happy to help and …

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How to pass a tenant reference check

How to pass a tenant reference check So you found a property you’d like to move in and paid the holding deposit – congratulations! The next step is passing the reference check. We find that most tenants grossly underestimate how long this process can take. Before you …

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Why is it so expensive to re-paint fences?

Why is it so expensive to re-paint fences “…I would think that I just need the paint, a brush and a man?”

A client who I’m helping to refurbish the house asked me this question. I thought it was a great question because this is an example where …

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Female Founders – Interview

Female Founders – Interview I’m often asked what got me started in the lettings and property management business. Along with the About page, here is the first ever business interview that will elaborate on my story and a little bit more about me. Disrupts …

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How to find a good builder

When interviewing a potential builder, it’s important to know that they’re the right fit for your project, but what questions should you be asking them before you commit? We’ve compiled some helpful tips on what information you’ll need from your …

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